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Ready to explore which energy-efficient upgrades options can help your business save? Through the Central Hudson Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program, our experts guide you through energy-saving upgrade options and help your business get the best possible deal!

So, wondering how it works?

If you’re a small business, chances are you’re looking for big savings when possible. Upgrading your lighting and refrigeration with energy-saving options can cut your costs – not to mention it’s environmentally responsible, too!


Here's what we do:


  1. 1. Perform a FREE, energy assessment with energy-saving recommendations.
  2. 2. Install your new lighting or refrigeration equipment and manage the entire project.
  3. 3. Pay a portion of the project cost - upfront!



Time to shine? Time to save. Your business’s lighting can affect mood, productivity – and your bottom line.


Cool off those high energy costs. Keep your equipment running efficiently while increasing your profitability.

One source. One solution. Many Benefits.
Improve your business’s appearance
Increase profitability and energy savings
Reduce heat emissions from refrigeration equipment
Small business. Big savings.
Meet some of our efficient small business customers.

Harvest Hope Food Bank
The new lights are great – they are already helping to lower our monthly expenses! Over time, the lower utility costs will allow Harvest Hope to provide more food and resources to our community and neighbors. The lights have also created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our staff, volunteers and visitors.


annual savings


Exelon Extrusion
We were very pleased with the professional service provided by Lime Energy. The installation crew that installed our replacement lighting were very friendly and professional and did a fantastic job with the install. They also did a great job of cleaning up after they finished with the job.


annual savings

Hiwire Brewing
Lime was easy to work with. They approached us, demonstrated clearly the benefits of this program, and followed through to completion. Overall Lime did a great job in helping us understand why to upgrade our lighting and refrigeration and managed the process well.


lifetime savings

IGA Eastover
After getting a free assessment, it was apparent changing over to LED lighting would be a smart business decision. Our store is brighter and our customers can see more clearly. We have saved significantly by taking part in this program.


annual savings

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