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Willdan Public Energy Efficiency Program

This utility-sponsored program makes it easy and cost-effective for local governments, federal agencies, and K-‍12 schools to become more energy efficient. Clean energy solutions help you save money and time, meet state energy mandates, reduce maintenance, and improve indoor air quality and safety.

We Make It Easy!

Our team of experts will provide everything you need—from technical assistance to installation and financing. We oversee project details, freeing up your staff to focus on what’s most important.


Technical Assistance

Design, project scoping, bid evaluation, procurement, construction management, turnkey services, commissioning, and savings measurement and verification.


Next-Level Energy Assessment

Our energy engineers will pinpoint energy-saving opportunities and develop a business case showing the financial return.


Flexible Installation

We work around your schedule to install. Multiple contractor options are available.

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No-upfront-cost options, fast loan approval, and utility on-bill financing (0% interest). Utility incentives and financing offset project costs.

How It Works
1. Audit
Enroll now to request your no-cost site audit. Our engineers identify key energy-saving measures for your facility.
2. Select
Choose the measures that work best for you. Our team provides project costs, equipment specs, energy savings, incentives, and financing options.
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3. Install
Use your preferred contractor or one of our qualified Trade Pros. We can provide bid evaluation, purchase order, and equipment review to help you decide.
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4. Save
Sit back and enjoy the savings. Your project pays for itself (and more!) over the equipment lifecycle.
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100+ Measures Available

· Indoor air ionization / filtration
· Indoor / outdoor LED lighting and controls
· Whole-building RCx
· High-efficiency boilers, chillers, and HVAC package units
· VFDs and controls
· Energy management technologies
· Building management controls and optimization
· And more!

Customer Eligiblity

To be eligible for this program you must...

· Hold an active PG&E electric or natural gas account
· Pay a Public Purpose Program surcharge on the account where your energy upgrades will be
· Have not and will not apply for an incentive / rebate for the same measure in another California energy efficiency program

· Be a public-funded school (including charter schools)
· Be a city or county government building, airport, harbor, federal office, Native American reservation, or military base

Who Is Willdan?

We’re a trusted, national leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. We’ve supported public customers in California for 57 years. As PG&E’s exclusive implementer for this program, we’ll make participation easy and do the heavy-lifting to give you exceptional customer satisfaction and high-quality, energy-efficient upgrades.

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