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Exclusive opportunity for Orlando business owners!

Lime Energy is committed to helping all Orlando businesses improve their bottom line, save money and grow.  We work with the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) to secure incentives to upgrade your facility's lighting so you can become more energy-efficient and we will guarantee your savings.


Here's what we do for you:

  1. Perform a FREE, no-obligation energy assessment identifying where you can save.
  2. We take care of everything! We secure efficiency incentives from OUC, install your energy-efficient equipment and manage the entire process.
  3. Guarantee savings from day one! Each month we measure how much you saved. We bill you for part of the savings amount, and you keep the rest as profit. 


To schedule your FREE, no-obligation energy assessment complete the form below or call 844.454.6342.

Together we share in the savings

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Benefits beyond savings

  • Reduce your operating costs to increase profitability
  • Reduce heat in your facility, allowing your central air unit to work less, thus increasing its lifespan
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce potential hazards
  • Raise the value of your business and its appearance


Lime has helped business owners see their facilities in a better light.  See the difference for yourself.

Gymnasium Before & After:      

LM08025_BEFORE_PIC_-_Class_Excercise_Room-143276-edited.jpg                  LM08025_AFTER_PIC_-_Class_Exercise_Room-666903-edited.jpg


Banquet Hall Before & After:     


 Diner Kitchen Before & After:            

LM07244_BEFORE_PIC_-_Kitchen_2.jpg                  LM07244_AFTER_PIC_-_Kitchen.jpg


Fast Food Restaurant Before & After:

LM07241_BEFORE_PIC_-_Eating_Area.jpg                 LM07241_AFTER_PIC_-_Eating_Area.jpg

Music Center

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“Listen, this deal almost falls under the category of too good to be true, because I refreshed all of my lights in my entire facility, and I’m paying for it through my savings, and I’m pocketing a couple hundred dollars every month.”

- Steve Grier, Discount Music Center Owner

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Convenience Store

Grocery Store LED Lighting

"Much brighter lighting than expected.  Everything went well. Project manager was very responsive and helpful and followed up with me to ensure I had a good experience and was satisfied with the work done." 

- Clement L., Grocery Store Owner

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Office Space

Office Space LED Lighting

"I am shocked at how much money we are saving now after the installation of the LED troffers - to say nothing of the improvement in the quality of the light and our ability to dim it. The only question is why we didn’t do it sooner.
Lack of education is the only excuse and we’re grateful to you and Lime Energy for educating us. You have well exceeded our expectations"! 
- Daniel S. & Kale K, Consulting Firm Owners

Fitness Center


"The customer service and personalized approach for our business was exceptional. Hundreds of members from both of our clubs plus our own employees are very pleased with the improved lighting. My overall experience with the level of attention and the efficiency of the installation was exemplary!"

- Holly S., Fitness Center Owner

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We just don't help your, we help your business prosper!

Over the last 10 years we have helped 125,000 small and medium sized businesses across the nation save over $1 Billion in energy costs.  Lime Energy is committed to helping all Orlando businesses improve their bottom line, save money and grow. 


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