Four Steps to Reduce Your Energy Costs


Willdan will ask you a few questions to verify that your facility meets the program participation criteria. Topics include your standing as an SCE customer, if you pay Public Purpose Program charges (found on your utility bill), and utility rebates or incentives you’ve received in the past. We’ll ask you to sign a no-obligation Willdan Services Request Form to help verify your eligibility and to begin collecting your utility bill information. After that, we’ll schedule your on-site consultation.


We’ll visit your site to perform an energy consultation, to share how the program works, and to evaluate potential energy-saving opportunities. We may install data loggers to establish energy use baselines and collect maintenance records for applicable systems. This information is used to develop specific project proposals to realize your energy savings. We’ll review the program assistance that your project would qualify for, including incentives, technical assistance, or other benefits that make achieving energy efficiency easier. Willdan or one of our authorized partners will work with you hand-in-hand through the process, from defining the project you want to implement to scheduling, installation, and delivering energy savings.

To officially enroll in the program, you’ll sign a Customer-Implementer Agreement. This document lists the full program terms and conditions and provides all of the program disclosures, including but not limited to estimated kWh savings, customer’s enrollment options, measures, the price and the billing cycle. It also authorizes Willdan to submit a Pre-Installation Package for your project to SCE and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for review and approval.

Install - 3

After the Pre-Installation Package is approved by SCE, you can use your own contractor or a program contractor to install your selected energy efficiency measures. If you need financing, we can connect you with options tailored to your needs. NOTE: you are under no obligation to use any of these financing options. We can also provide technical assistance such as engineering design, equipment selection, or commissioning.

4 - Save

Congratulations! You’ve started saving energy. We’ll measure, verify, and report the amount of energy saved to you, SCE, and the CPUC for review as a Post-Installation Package. If you qualified for an incentive, we’ll issue it once the Post-Installation Package is approved by SCE.