Central Hudson Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program

By making some small energy-efficient changes now you can enjoy big energy savings in the future. Central Hudson will pay a portion of the project cost through the Central Hudson Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program. Efficiency improvements including lighting and refrigeration upgrades can lower your business’s energy expenses and much more!

How the program benefits your business?

  • Reduce your operating costs to increase profitability 
  • Increase customer comfort to improve sales 
  • Enhanced employee productivity 
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce potential hazards
      • Raise the value of your business and its appearance

Participating in our program is easy:

  • Schedule a FREE, no obligation energy assessment.
  • You will receive a proposal outlining all equipment eligible for replacement, estimated energy savings and payback period.
  • Lime Energy manages the upgrade project and handles all paperwork.
  • Central Hudson pays a portion of the project cost and you can enjoy energy savings for years to come.

Eligible energy-efficient upgrades are available for:

  • Interior Lighting — Upgrade office, warehouse, showroom, retail shop and more to energy-efficient T8 fluorescent or LED lighting
  • Exterior Lighting — Upgrade pole, parking lot, and perimeter lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting

Making these equipment upgrades now will quickly put money back in your pocket every month. And, lead to BIG savings for your business later.

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More than 4,500 businesses in Mid-Hudson Valley have already taken advantage of this great opportunity to improve their bottom line. So, what are you waiting for?

Schedule your FREE, no-obligation energy assessment today!