Philadelphia Energy Authority Small Business Energy Efficiency Program 

Thank you for your interest. The program is no longer available at this time.  

Philadelphia Energy Authority Small Business Energy Efficiency Program

The Philadelphia Energy Authority Small Business Energy Efficiency Program, in partnership with Lime Energy and West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution, is available to help small business owners improve their facilities with energy-efficient equipment in an easy, turn-key fashion.  Energy efficiency improvements including lighting, HVAC and refrigeration upgrades can lower your energy expenses by 30% and provide additional benefits that positively impact your business.

Financial assistance and a dedicated Energy Service Representative is also available for those who qualify.  The PEA Small Business Program will manage the entire improvement process from beginning to end on your behalf. 


“Not only did we see a 30% reduction in our energy bills, but the upgrades have kept our business cool in the heat of the summer.”

Mike Scotese, Owner, Grey Lodge Pub  

This restaurant owner is now saving $6,000 a year. 


Participating in our program is easy. Here's what we do:

  • Perform a FREE energy assessment 
  • Install new equipment and manage the entire process for you
  • Secure pricing incentives from PGW and PECO
  • Financing options are available for qualified applicants

How the program benefits your business?

  • Reduce your operating costs to increase profitability 
  • Increase customer comfort to improve sales 
  • Enhanced employee productivity 
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce potential hazards
  • Raise the value of your business and its appearance

Eligible businesses include:

  • Corner Stores/Small Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants 
  • Bars
  • Auto Mechanic/Service Shops
  • Laundromats

Philadelphia Energy Authority is in partnership with:

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  • WPFSI_Horizontal
  • PECO
  • PGW  

Eligible energy-efficient upgrades are available for:

  • Interior Lighting — Upgrade office, warehouse, showroom, retail shop and more to energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Exterior Lighting — Upgrade pole, parking lot, and perimeter lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Heating and Cooling — Upgrade boilers, furnaces and central air units (HVAC)
  • Refrigeration — Upgrade coolers and freezers with energy-efficient LED case lighting, motors and controls
  • Cooking and Hot Water Equipment

Call 833.208.5956 or complete the below form today to find out if you qualify to receive financial assistance to improve your business. 

The program is no longer available at this time.  

Get financial assistance for energy improvements with the Philadelphia Energy Authority Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.  

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The program is no longer available at this time.